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2009 hunting season

well it didnt get as cold last night. it got cloudy and the wind switched to the west. went outside this morning and it was cloudy and no wind. we headed to the stands. i put scotty in the wifes stand down in a draw with a small open field. i went to ol faithful. a spot i have hunted several years. we went in there yesterday and found a scrape line that hasnt been there before. there is 3 scrape lines on down further that i have watched for atg least 3 years. as of last year one was made by a decent 7 pointer. one was being worked by an 8 pointer that was hard to pass on last year. i wanted one more year on this deer. last season it had about 17 or 18 inch spread. and this year might have been a wall hanger. the last one was tended by a 9 pointer that only had a 15 inch spread.but had good body size. last season i let the seven walk and about 15 minutes later, i heard the shot that harvested him. my friend saw him and decided to put him in the freezer. anyhow, the new scrapes i found are nearly 2.5 ft. wide. we will see what develops. i hung a climber this morn. and watched for ol mossy back. but as hunting goes, i didnt see anything. the morning seemed perfect but it was one of those days. i saw a bad chipmonk fight this morning and the squirrels went wild rooting for their favorite fighter. they tore the ground up. oh well im going home today since i have been out here since last wednesday. gonna see what i have to do this week and if its slow enough, im gonna go back tuesday and try to make another week in the woods. see ya later.

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