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Doe, on homestead, at about 15 yards

I have been seeing a doe and her two yearlings over and over again on our property. I declined an opportunity for her once because, well, I didn't want to take their mother. I researched online as to the ethics of that and found that... no problem. They are hanging out with her, but are now really just "part of her herd" at this point.

So, I determined that next time I can, she'll be feeding my family.

Today was the day. I got into a stand early this morning, waited until light and waited and waited. Started to get fidgety, but ... there she was, coming through the woods. She came fairly close, looked at me a good long time. I couldn't move. Then she moved off relatively quickly. I thought for sure that was the end of it.

Then she circled right back around and came through the woods again. I was holding my rifle at the ready for a good while (something that starts to become a heavy process after awhile). She was walking slowly at this point. She was broadside, facing to my left. I picked my spot, put the iron sights on her, and pulled the trigger.

BAM! She took off into the woods. She went about 50 yards or so out of sight and I thought I heard her drop. Wasn't sure.

I waited about 10 minutes and went to examine the area. Crap! No blood. None! Ugh... maybe I missed?

I called my wife out to come help look. She came out and we started walking. That's when we saw the blood. A LOT of blood. Yes! Hit, and probably a good one.

We followed that small veritable stream of blood. It was easy to follow. It was my wife would saw her first, laying down in the woods on my neighbors property.

I went over, and she was done. The exit wound was massive and it looked to be a direct heart shot. She did not suffer, thank goodness. I am always amazed at how far a deer can run without a heart! She was probably dead well before she fell.

We went over, thanked the deer for her sacrifice and wished her young well in the coming winter. Dragged her out, and weighed her. About 95lbs. Not bad.

I called my hunting mentor down the road and we processed her in his garage. Now... all that meat sits in a cooler of ice to age a couple weeks before we cut it all down and put it into longer term storage. We saved the hide for when I have a few days this summer to tan it.

Thank you, Ms. Doe. You had a good life. Raised some beautiful children. And died an honorable, quick death. We'll appreciate you every time you visit us at the dinner table. Thank you again.

Now that I have harvested a deer with a rifle, it is back to the bare bow.

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Posted: 1/21/2011

Trophy Room
Congrats! Great journal too. You''re an honorable hunter.
Posted: 10/25/2010

Trophy Room
Great story, congrats on the doe!!
Posted: 10/22/2010

Trophy Room
Thanks, Josh. The straps and loins will be enjoyed after some aging. Maybe we'll enjoy some a bit prior to that. :)
Posted: 10/22/2010

Trophy Room
Good story Todd. Can't wait to hear about another with the new bow! She looks like good eatin... Get the straps for dinner tonight?

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