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Calling all Buckeyes

Ok guys tell me whats going on up there ......... Leaves, scrapes, movement. What's ya'lls opinion on when the chase is gonna hit. I read DBG's journal about the attractant, is it still too early for it ? What attractants have worked best for you guys?

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Posted: 11/9/2009

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Any of you fellas out there that hunt in North Carolina,I would appreciate a little insight on what to expect. My dad and I were invited to hunt the piedmont with some friends.Dad lives there but this will be my first year to deer hunt North Carolina I would just like to know what to expect
Posted: 11/3/2009

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I agree, this weekend should be great! I've been seeing a big increase in deer activity over the past few days. The farmers are really getting the corn out in my area, and I predict most of it will be out by Saturday. I talked to my old neighbor last night, and he told me that him and a friend set off 2 buck bombs sunday around noon. He said by 12:45 they'd already had 3 different bucks come into the scent. Only one was decent sized, but he said all 3 came from different directions. It should make for an interesting weekend. I have to take Wednesday off b/c my wife has a mandatory meeting at work, so I'll be in my stand all day with my fingers crossed. I'll let you guys know how the activity is!

Good luck to all!


O - H
Posted: 11/2/2009

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I think this past weekend may have been early for estrous scents, but I think this weekend should be OK to use them. We'll be on the other side of "the rutting moon" (tomorrow) and some does should start coming in here real soon. Some of the more mature ones may have already.

Local reports say activity is picking up. One guy saw nine deer today in one of the areas I hunt that has been pretty slow so far.

Leaves have dropped a lot the past week so visibility is pretty good now!

Temperatures have been below normal for November, which is getting them moving also. It should be a good weekend Swift! I hope so, I'm taking Friday off too to get after 'em!!!

Posted: 11/2/2009

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swift.... i don't know about up north but down here in ms bucks have started making scrapes and sparing alot and i've had some smaller bucks come to some esturs wicks this past weekend so things down here are pickin up and with this cold front the movement has increased ten fold.
Posted: 11/2/2009

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I like the pic by the way, go bucks!!!!!!

Swift, things are starting to pick up, more activity, more movement, I bet you will be able to start using attractants this week with some success! I personally have not had much success with them, the leaves are coming down, and we have dryness in the forecast, so they will be crunchy this week. Plus the temps are getting cold, I think this week is the beginning of it all, I plan on being off on Friday and out on stand all day!!!!

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