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a good day

started out that i forgot my belt for my pants then i got to my stand and pushed what sounded like two or three deer off the bait and it was foggy to so it was dead quiet to but at 7:30 am my luck turned the fog lifted and a few min. later had two doe at the bait and then directly down wind comes a awsome 8 pt he walked in to about 10 yards and i let the rage fly dropped him dead in his tracks spined him so no tracking so it turned out to be a good day . dressed out 187 18 inches inside 9 inch brow

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Posted: 10/25/2010

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Congrats on the buck!! You get any pictures?

That's funny that you mentioned forgetting your belt. Reading that reminded me of my bear hunt in Ontario last month. On our way to the bait I was walking with my guide Bob. It was pitch black and he was carrying two 5 gallon buckets (bait) when he softly says "Oh $hit!". This being my first bear hunt all kind of things ran through my mind. I nervously pulled up my bow and asked, what's wrong? He set the buckets down and said "I forgot my belt this morning and my damn pants just fell down". I have never tried to control my laughter so so hard in my life. By the time my hunt was over I had forgotten all about that until just know, lol

Again, congrats on your buck!!!!

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