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First Buck

It was "Black Friday" 26 November 2010, I decided to go to North Manchester with my buddy Willie Justice. It was private property and I had hunted there 3 days prior and missed 2 bucks.... had a bad day. My scope had been bumped and I didnt have a good zero, so I went home and bore lighted and confirmed my zero with a kill in angola the day after. So there I was I went to N. Manchester and got to the site. My friend didnt go that day but he said I could go. So I got all of my gear reay and started making my journey to the stand. It was about a 1/4 mile walk through the corn. I made to the stand and about 15 minutes later, I looked to the North and noticed a dark spot out in the cornfield where I had just walked. This deer is one that I had shot at 3 days ago. I didnt know that until I shot him. He was out by himself and making his daily journey to the woods I was in. My buddy had put up a ground blind a couple days earlier but it was in the spot that the buck normally travels. He wasnt certain of what was going on but he knew something was different. I had watched him for about a half hour and awaited for the perfect shot and hopefully a closer shot. He was about 135 yards away. Still waiting, the sun finally rose and I got a clear view and the buck decided to start walking away.. I was on him and decided that if he gave me another broad side I was going to take him. Just then he stopped at 133 yards and gave me the broad side and I shot. The deer ran about 50 yards and then dropped. It was a broken 8 point buck with ony 6 points. Defenitely not an award winner but enough for me.

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