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1st Limit on Geese

Had my first limit of Geese Yesterday. (CO is 4). It's been blistering cold the last few days with Highs in the single digits and nights -20 to -30 below. Thursday was fixing to get up to 35deg, which would feel like Miami FL. I decided to take a PTO day from work and head up. We set out 8 doz shells and a dozen full bodies sprinkled within the family groups. The wind was bad for our 2 man pit setup, blowing straight across it and leaving the birds wanting to land with only 1 person getting a clean shot. So with 3 sets of geese coming in, we were only able to drop 1 on each. We kept stuffing more and more decoys to the far end of the blind to push them in front of it, and it started to finally work. The last pair of the day was a a great finish. A big group of 30 birds gave us the high fly by, and i just started going crazy on the call. 2 peeled out and started to dive right in .. they were locked from about 1000 yards away, and i said i have the 1 on the left, you got the one on the right. Bang, Bang .. 2 shots, 2folded birds. It was a great day. 10,000's of thousands of birds in the area still, and we have 2 weekends left ....

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Posted: 2/17/2011

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Congrats on your first of many limits!
Posted: 2/4/2011

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Awesome! Great stuff, R!

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