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Colorado Dove Season

Thanks to Mello and his private land, i experienced my firat Dove hunt. In Ohio, they closed Dove season for most of my hunting life there. All in all it was a blast. I knocked one down pretty much right out of the truck, 1 shot, 1 dove ... i wish i could say i was that sweet of a shot! 3 Shots, no dove. then 1 shot 1 another dove ... i either nailed them on the 1st pull, or unloaded a wall of lead and tried to catch up to them. Catching up didn't work very well. I've read that Doves get killed on 5% of the shots fired at them. I dipped into my second box of hand-loaded ammo (#7-1/2's with just a "sprinkle" of magic BB #9's) so you do the math on the harvest. Well maybe i was a little better than 5% with those magic #9 BB's!!!! Good times.


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Posted: 9/10/2009

Trophy Room
Sounds like fun R! One of your buddy's has some private land out there eh? Saweet! Are you reloading now? I might need to buy some of your "magic" shells. I could use them sometimes.

I had a good Dove hunt on opening day out here too. Check my Trophy Room and you can see the journal entry.

You coming home this fall? We drew the best blind on Caesar Creek this year. Number 19. Game on!!!

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