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Colorado Backcountry Elk hunt

For the last couple years i've been fortunate enough to be able to go on a true Colorado style backcountry elk hunt. My buddies have been doing this hunt for 20+ years, so i'm catching the tail end of a hunt experience that has been fine tuned over that time!

We go back ~10 miles in true Colorado backcountry with ~3000 ft elevation gain to base camp. We have a mule chain bring up enough gear and food to make a week ling back country trip comfortable.. No wall tent, just a tarp for a big lean yo and lots of dehydrated meals (and a prized 12 pack of beer for the 3 of us)

I was also lucky enough to burn a preference point and get a Buck Mule tag as well. So if it had antlers, it was going down! We hiked up 3 miles from camp and set up in a area with good sign. My buddy went to the left of the ridge and i went tot the right. I set up against a big pine tree that had 2 good open lanes down hill from it. 30min after i settled in a mule deer stepped out feeding in one of the lanes. I had ranged the lone pine tree in the middle of the lane at 50 yards. He was behind that tree, so i knew he was at 60+. He slowly kept feeding, stepping in and out of sight as he fed along the edge. Finally he popped out in front of the tree, and i new he was at 45 yards. Drew back, held just behind the front shoulder and let it fly.

I heard a good whack, and he slowly totted off. As i was giving him time to bleed out, i decided to take a piss. I typically don't pee in the area i hunt, but figured i just made all kinds of noise, so what the hell. Just as i was done, i hear this sniffing sound behind the tree i was hugged up against. I looked around the tree, and yep! A huge Bull Elk!!! 15yards away! Dick in hand, bow on ground! He walked around the tree and stood 5 yards in front of me. He obviously saw what was in my hand, got scarred and ran off! Then about a dozen cow elk bust out of the tress all around me!

What the F just happened???!!!

Anyway, after i settled down, i walked out to meet my buddie at our meetup time and place. We came back and tracked my deer 200 yards from where i hit him.

I couldn't be happier. My first Mule Deer, My First Bow kill. And i get a nice Tall, Wide Colorado backcountry Mule deer in velvet!

We quartered him out and hiked him back to camp to sip on some of those treasured "kill beers"! The next day, i had to defend the meat from a bear and badger ... but that's an entirely new story.

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Posted: 10/18/2012

Trophy Room
haha, great story! congrats on a nice muley!
Posted: 10/18/2012

Trophy Room
The piss part made me laugh out loud! What an awesome hunt. Definitely something you'll ever forget. Thanks for sharing the journal. Congrats on a great Muley!

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