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4/10/2010 - 4/11/2010: Fishing

My good buddy Jesse (aka "cajunswamp") came through town en route to his camp in Olla, LA. Although he had to drop off a fishing boat in Olla, I convinced him to stay with me at Glendora to tap into bass and white perch spawn which was in full swing.

Jesse rolled into town Friday night, and we downed some pizza and beers before hitting the hay with high hopes for the next day. Saturday morning, we grabbed some shiners and hit the lake by 7:15 a.m. We tried bass fishing at first, but we only managed to pick up a couple.

Once we switched to crappie rigs, the action heated up and we were pulling huge white perch out of the depths. We continued throughout the day with pretty steady action and only took one break to grab a bite of lunch. I don't think we quit until after 7:30....long day of fishing!

The next morning, we started the day by fishing behind the metal building in the small pond. I only landed a couple of small bass, and it was clear that the bite was not on.

We moved across the levee to Pace Lake, and as I was backing up the boat from the boat launch, cajunswamp landed a bass....then another. Maybe they were biting over here!?! We fished the adjacent bank and ended up landing a couple more bass before I hooked into a large Gasper Goo. This fish is also known as a freshwater drum and is in the same family as red fish (red drum). After landing the fish and snapping a quick picture, I released it.

By early afternoon, we had switched back to crappie and managed to pick up a half dozen or so more before it was time for Jesse to head for Olla. I think we caught a total of 40 or so fish over the weekend, so we ended up with a pretty good mess. Those fillets looked beautiful...can't wait to have a fish fry!!

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Posted: 4/28/2010

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Looks like you guys had a blast!

Fish fry huh?!?!?!?... Yep, my mouth is officially wattering :-)
Posted: 4/26/2010

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Good times fellas. Gasper Goo...never heard that one. But I have hooked up several big drums on Lake Erie while fishing for Walleye. That Glendora is quite a place!
Posted: 4/24/2010

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dang! where was I?
Posted: 4/24/2010

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Man you found some SLABS. Great day on the water

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