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First bow kill.. finally!

I've been bow hunting for about the last 3 years and have had a streak of bad luck. I've shot 4 does with my bow, found good blood, but have never been able to recover one. Well, I started out this season in my usual stand setup, but after 5 hunts I only saw 1 deer. Last Saturday I was squirrel hunting with a buddy in a different area of the property, and we had some does walk up and bust us. I began to look around and found a lot of deer sign, so I decided to move a lock-on to this location and put up a camera. I returned to hunt the stand for the first time yesterday evening and checked my camera before climbing up. I had 230 deer pictures, including 7 or 8 different bucks (mostly small). I was thrilled to finally have a stand placed in a "heavy traffic" area, and was hoping to get a shot at a doe that evening. I got up in the stand about 4:40 and waited with anticipation. I saw a doe pass by at about 5:00 about 80 yards out, then another at 5:45. At 6:15, a doe walked by at about 50 yards, then a small 6 point about 5 minutes later. I was beginning to get frustrated, wondering why none of the deer were coming to feed on the corn like they had been on camera the previous 5 days. As the light began to fade along with my hopes of harvesting my first deer with a bow, I heard steps behind me. I turned around and saw one of the 8 points I have on camera approaching quickly. Unfortunately, the buck was on a trail that would lead him just to the right of my stand in the thick stuff where I would have no shot. However, something caught his attention behind him and he quickly turned around to look. I stood up and got into position while the buck was looking in the opposite direction and quartering away. I had a tiny window through the limbs and was able to lean out a bit to rest the pin right behind his shoulder. I let the arrow fly while the buck stood 20 yards away and watched as the lumenok disappeared deep into his chest. The buck did that classic "uh-oh" jump and went crashing through the thicket. I knew it was a good hit and anxiously called my dad to come help me track him. We gave the buck an hour and a half and then started looking. It didn't take long! My new bloodrunner 2-blade left a red carpet, and we found the buck laying dead-as-a-doornail about 60 yards from the shot. He was definitely no monster, but he was an old deer (4 1/2-5 1/2) and a good one to take out of the herd. I was thrilled to finally get my first bow kill, and the fact that it was a mature 8-point made it even more special. All I can say is "I'M HOOKED!"


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