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You never know..

Well I've been doing a little fishing inbetween studying and going to class and have been catching a few bigmouths down at my neighborhood lake. My dad has been wanting to go with me but hasn't had a chance until yesterday. He had to leave town for business at 3:00, so we just "spur of the moment" ran down to the lake for about 30 minutes to make a few casts from the bank. I was working on a bed fish that was being extremely difficult when I spotted a small group of big bass swim up on the flat. I tossed my bait in front of the biggest one and watched as she sucked up my 8 inch worm like it was a small afternoon snack. I set the hook and the fight was on! Luckily, Dad was there to lip the big nanny (who was not hooked very well) and I was thrilled to lay hands on such an awesome fish. She weighed 9.5 lbs and had already emptied her eggs. I decided to release her since I already have a 9.2 on the wall, but I sure would have loved to catch her 2 weeks ago when she was full of eggs and would have been in the 11-12 lb range! You never know when a little random trip down to the ole lake is going to be a day you'll never forget, and I'm sure grateful to have shared it with my dad.

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