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Christmas Eve Duck Hunt

Once again, the forecast looked good with cold, sunny skies and a favorable wind. I hit the water with my best friend and my uncle (who doesn't get out much since he became a dad). I was very excited about this hunt because my uncle Tony had never shot a mallard before, and I knew I could put one right in front of him. We got set up about 20 minutes before shooting hours and sipped a hot cup of coffee while we visited. Not long after legal hours, I heard a mallard hen quacking above. I hit her with a greeting call and soon I saw the group of 3 approaching the decoys. They made 2 passes and then decided they'd like to light with the pair of decoys I placed right in front of the boat; big mistake! All 3 of us threw up simultaneously and shot each bird as they backpedaled right over the decoys. Tony and I shot a greentop and Kyle shot a drake gadwall (lost running with mallards)! Later on in the day, Tony also shot a drake gadwall which was another first for him. We finally packed it up at 11:30 with 10 birds on the strap. Tony got to add 2 new ducks to his list, and he got to shoot them the right way. Another great hunt to add to a great season!


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Posted: 12/27/2010

Trophy Room
Man I'm gonna have to stop reading your journals, all these ducks are making me sick to my stomach! I haven't had much time to chase the birds this season and it's starting to take a toll on me, lol

Great job fellas, keep it up!
Posted: 12/25/2010

Trophy Room
Good times. Congrats guys. Thanks for sharing.

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