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Late Season Honkers

Last Friday and Tuesday had some more great goose hunts.

Mike found a field loaded with geese. We set up about 40 decoys and waited.

Around 9:50 af lock of 20 + decided they liked the spread. Soon as they tried to land right in the kill hole We lit them up. Four shots and four dead geese, including a small Richardsons goose I shot.

Next picture is of Mike,Jjake, and Bud His labs with the days geese on the tailgate. Bud on the right is looking at geese flying behind me when I took the picture.

Tuesday We again hunted the same field, Just moved a couple hundred of yards. First flock of the day centered perfect, locked wings coming right at us. Five shots and We again had our limit from the first flock of the day.

Next photo is of three dead geese close to a Dakota Goose decoy. Fourth goose sailed about 100 yards.

Luckily for us We were able to load the decoys in the truck and got out of the field before the major flocks arrived to feed.

Yesterday We again hit the samme field with another gun. Geese were spooky after hunting them before. "Deadeye Dick" had two geese try and land on his blind. He could of barrel swated them. They were that close!!! We decided not to shoot those waiting on another flock to come closer following the others. Well, big mistake. The close birds flared at the last moment with the others following.

We did get three for the morning, and should have limitied. Guns that would not fire, and other mistakes gettin greedy.

Deadeye Dick with his two geese for the day.

Three full days left of our goose season and it is all over for the year.


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Posted: 1/13/2011

Trophy Room
Great stuff Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

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