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Two more great goose hunts!!

Weds. Mike and I decided to try an afternoon hunt in a field Mike found loaded with geese the day before. Sunny skies predicted a so -so hunt but We went at it. Geese did not fly until 5:10pm, but when they came it was over quick. I had 20 or so geese angling in ready to touch down at 15 yards.

Once I shot first, they angled in front of Mike. In a total of three shots We had our four geese. My first shot connected twice. That's the third time for doing that this year for myself.

First picture is at home with the four geese and Avery checking them out.

Last night Mike called and found another field two miles south, again loaded with birds. We set up this morning, and had a litlle wait.

Around 9:45 here came the first flock of geese for the day. Three lessers wee in the lead, followed by a flock of 15-18 regular geese.

The 3 lessers weny by my right and I could hear them behind me trying to land by the wing beats. At the same time the other flock was coming hard, wings locked ready to land in front of Mike and me in the kill hole.

The three lesses then picked up and came over my back again slightly right
doing a circle wanting to land with the second flock. I had them at 15 yards head on 10 feet off the ground. Calling the shot they quickly tried to gain altitude , along with the others.

Four shots and Mike and I were done for the day.

Second picture is of Mike, Bud, and Jake,his labs with todays geese.
Jake is looking behind my right shoulder watching geese fly over when I took the picture.


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