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New friends goose hunt

Had some friends from over by Cleveland spend two days goose hunting.

First day had a flock of 50 or so locked and coming in, but do to overcalling and overflagging( not by me) they spooked at 60 yards. Later a pair came in and We only shot one of them.

Next day I took a chance and ran traffic in a winter wheat field. A flock of four came through the fog and We shot three.

Half and hour later a flock of forty dropped down into the decoys. We let them land and easily got our three for a three man limit.

Ron and Jim were really pleased. It was Ron's first ever field hunt for geese
those two days.

They treated Val and myself real well. Offered to take us out to eat at night to say thanks for the hunts and hospitallity.

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Posted: 12/30/2010

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Another great hunt Jeff, Congrats to all!

Posted: 12/29/2010

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We hunted south of where you and I did two years ago.

Mike and I got our limit of four geese. It took us until 1:00pm. Had 4 land 30 feet away from us. Mike had a bad angle and after 1 shot My gun stuck an empty shell sideways. We got two of the four.

Later had 50 commit from behind us. Two landed 30 yards in the decoys, and two landed 35 feet from me at an angle. Mike only saw the two land in the decoys. Once I whispered "Look right in front of me! at 1:00 o'clock,!" it was game on again. Both got shot close range for another limit. .

Going to try west of here in the morning. New field with lots of geese.

Time was too short last Thursday hunting with you, but at least you got your limit.
Posted: 12/29/2010

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Very nice! How did you guys do the few days after we hunted together last week? The Maumee was loaded all week by Waterville.

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