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Last days of season

Went to my bottom ground spot creek is open partly flooded. set dozen goose shells out half hour after set up one lone goose came in landed long walked into decoys one stayed. 45 minutes later 4 came in took one. Kept calling other 3 set down long walked into decoys calling not bad I guess.Next day went same place set up 300yds away from day before along creek set gosse and duck decoys out along creek looking at set up lone malard came down creek laid down on ground came right over top of me bang one duck in bag little late getting there that morning 2 goose at 8:00 took one 4 geese at 9:00 one stayed called others circled 4 times wood not land .End of season.

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Posted: 2/25/2010

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Congrats on ending your season with a good hunt!

It sure helps pass the time til next season if you fold up a few birds on your final hunt.
Posted: 2/24/2010

Trophy Room
Congrats on bagging a few. The season goes by too fast.

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