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2nd Deer of 2014

I arrived on site about 5am just to see a doe walking around where I park my jeep. She was one of this years fawns and I turned on my high beams and just watched her. It was fun but I started to get a little antsy because I wanted to get set up and she had no intentions of moving on just yet so I rolled in a little more to help push her along. She walked off and into the pines.

I put on my coveralls and gathered all my gear and hiked in. Put my tree stand on the tree my son told me would be a good spot because he found a buck trail by it. Then put out my sent wicks with some doe estrus and buck urine about every 20 yards and I had a drag behind me with buck urine on it.

I went back to my tree and hung the drags up on the opposite side of the trail just about 5 yards from my stand. Sprayed a little acorn oils around and then climbed on up my tree. I sat and about 6 am I heard a shot go off to the west and then 5 minutes later a second shot real close to the first one. I figured the deer had already moved out of my area and on into the feeding area because of the full moon last night. I let out tending grunts and a few bleats and settled in again. About 30 min later I heard 3 more shots to my south and that had me real worried that the deer moved under the full moon to the food plots. I decided I would let out a few more tending grunts and a breeding bellow to see what happens. I could hear what I knew was a buck because he was making tons of noise and marking trees. I stood up and he was just walking up the path right to me. I could not believe it. I spent all that time putting out wicks and he came from the wrong side. He was large bodied, found out after check in he weighed in at 132lb field dressed. You can see in the photos I took a shot via his neck and out his chest. I did not have a quarter shot and well most of the deer I have harvested have all been via the neck.

He is not a wall hanger but I figure after I am done processing him I should end up with at least 60lbs of meat and that makes me happy.


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