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First deer of 2014

Well it is not a monster and yes I could have let this one walk to hunt another day but the way this all unraveled it was meant to fill my freezer.

I arrived at my shooting box around 5:30 am and had to fix my screen so the deer could not see me. While I was getting the tape back in place a doe came in and busted me. I was already upset and that made it worse.

I sat there and I could hear deer moving all around and nothing coming into my shooting lane. The deer were very vocal this morning. I could hear grunts and bleats and I have never heard that before so I was pretty excited about that and all of my frustration seemed to melt away.

It was about 7:30 and well mother nature called and I had to leave for a bit. Well while I was answering the call I was busted. I heard triple snorts all over the place. I went back to my box and picked up everything and headed back to my jeep. While loading in I decided to put one arrow in my bow and head out into the area of the woods I had not been to in two years. I entered the wood line about 10 steps and I heard a snort. I pulled out my phone and played two grunts. He snorted back, so I kept quiet, but made a few slow steps in his direction. He snorted again so I let out one grunt but kept moving and I could hear him moving in my direction.

I found a spot to get down on my knees and just watch. He stopped and snorted again, I did not make a noise. He continued moving and I realized he was circling around me to try and wind me. I watched him exit the woods and walk up the logging path and turn in right where I had entered. I drew my bow back and waited for him to clear and move into range. I needed him to close the gap by another 15 yards, I only have one pin and it is set for 20 yards. He started to turn back away. I knew he was going to leave. I needed him to take two steps, I put the pin at the base of his neck and just before he took that last step I pulled the trigger and let my muzzy fly.

Time stopped, it took forever for that arrow to hit its mark. I thought that I missed and I heard that SMACK and he didn't move. Then up in the air he went with that wonderful mule kick that says you just smacked the heart. I watched him go back down the logging path, turn in to the woods and then walk a few steps. His front legs were jello, and he did a face plant that filled dug his antlers into the dirt. I had just put food in my freezer and my wife and son were soon on their way out to help me field dress and drag out my prize.

2014 is off to an AMAZING start! I can't wait to see what the next weeks give me. I have a hungry family, and I have a hope house I want to give some meat to.

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Posted: 10/7/2014

Trophy Room
Wow, what a roller coaster of a hunt! Some great first experiences which is always cool! Congrats on the deer!
Posted: 10/6/2014

Trophy Room
Great hunt and yes it''s amazing the things that nature can teach us while hunting. Congrats on the great start to the harvest looking forward to some more pics.
Posted: 10/6/2014

Trophy Room
Thank you. It is amazing the patience you learn when you hunt.
Posted: 10/5/2014

Trophy Room
Awesome hunt. Congrats!

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