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A buck in my house!!!!!!

I am a 6 year hunter and have asked for advice and guidence and I would like to share something that I was told that may help others as well.

When hunting the early rut as well as the rut itself buck urine is an outstanding tool that should be used. Buck urine is an outstading aid in the prerut as well as the rut because it makes the dominate male courious first and then angry.

During the pre rut the buck urine along with some soft gruts will increase the desire to see who the new guy is on the block. They will want to check him over and see if he is a threat to the terratory. I did not believe this until I tested it out on my own. I put out just the buck urine on a drag line and then walked into my game camera. I added just a little more in front of the cam. Every buck that came in checked that scent and it was only a few hours later.

When I went back out I did the same thing in the same way, this time I hit my shooters box and did some light grunts, 30 min later I had 2 bucks looking for the new kid on the block. I was amazed. I had only called in one buck in 6 years and that was during the rut with grunts and bleats. I am NOT a pro by any means and I did it. On Sept. 27 I will be out with my son and we are going to try it again. I am not taking any doe urine at all, no doe calls, nothing to do with does.

The man that taught me this put it to me like this. You come home and you smell a colone that you have never smelt before, what do you do? You follow it to the source. It grabs your attention, you have to know. This is the same thing with a buck, he has to know who has been in his home.

When the rut kicks in if you put down some estrus by your stand but do a buck urine scent line you will grab a bucks attention even more then with just estrus. The buck will smell the estrus and the buck and it will upset him to the point he wants to know where the bad boy is so he can kick some tail. Raking your antlers on a tree to make it sound like you are making a rub will induce grunting on his part I found out. I was able to do this a few times last season though I could not get him to clear for a clean shot with my bow.

I hope this helps anyone who reads it.

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Posted: 9/25/2014

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Thank you Duckbuck. That means a lot to me.
Posted: 9/24/2014

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Great post! I'm going to post this to our Facebook page for others to read/try/think about. Thanks for sharing. Good luck out there!

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