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Deer Hunt 11/12/2011

Today was my first firearm MO deer hunt on HSP land. We were hunting a property in St Clair County. My brother Leroy and I spent the night about 20 miles away in El Dorado Springs, MO and arrived at the property about 6:00 am.

I went towards the SW section, which has the most wooded area. There is a fence you cross that you would think is the south border - but it is not as the property goes on for about a tenth of a mile farther on. As it was dark I went in and almost immediately had a deer bound away, but couldn't tell the gender. Later, I saw a buck walking just off our property, so I let it go. As it turns out, I had made a wrong turn as was actually off our property. As soon as I discovered the mistake I made my way back onto club land. People in this area don't believe in fences!

Later, I was working my way towards the SW corner when I saw a hunter in a tree stand. As stated, fences are few and far between, so I believed he was not on our property. As I passed him, with the corner in sight, I did find a partial N/S fence. He called to me and came over, asking where I was supposed to be. I told him I was with the club and he claimed I should not have crossed the south fence by the creek as he had a landowner's permission to hunt that area. I told him I had checked with the club and the property went beyond the fence to the point I was headed to. He disputed this and was very upset. I asked him a couple of times to show me on the map where I was and he refused - which told me he was not as sure as he claimed. We finally parted (not friends) and I continued on my way to the corner, then headed east towards the SE corner. Later, I talked to the landowner and he did not seem surprised about the other hunter, but assured me the land continued as on the map and that the the other hunter was wrong.

Meanwhile, my brother was watching a small field between a soybean field and a creek line. About 9:00 am he had a 9 point buck come directly to him, which he shot. By the time I got back to the truck he had to leave for the day. Shortly after he left, a sub-legal buck ran past the truck and onto the property across the road (also HSP property, but not that I had a reservation to hunt).

A bit later, my son Brandon arrived and we headed out again. He elected to watch the soybean field and I was a couple hundred yards north. About 5:00 I heard him shoot. I saw a deer in the field and heard him fire again after it took off. Turns out his first shot killed a doe, but because of new antler restrictions, by the time he determined the buck was legal (the deer I could see), he did not have much of a shot. With that, we headed back to the hotel with his doe. The next day he donated it to "Share the Harvest".

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