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The Hunting Journal application from is the most powerful, complete and useful hunting tool and application for the iPhone.

This app acts like a digital "multi-tool" for serious hunters. You won't believe how powerful the Hunting Journal data you record becomes over time. By recording hunting dates, locations, weather conditions, personal notes and more, you will get smarter about where to hunt, when to hunt and how to hunt—dramatically improving your odds of success in the field. Plus, only Hunting Journal Pro includes access to a free web-based version, where you will find more custom mapping tools, additional journal editing features and community resources that automatically sync with the app.

  • Record important hunting and scouting data, including; date, time, temperature and weather conditions, moon phase, game animals observed, game harvested, field notes and more.
  • View and save your current position and GPS co-ordinates live on an aerial map, or "digital scout" and save possible new hunting locations using the app's mapping and GPS features.
  • Connect with other hunters from your area and beyond, to get field reports or to share the story of your hunt.
  • Access your Hunting Journal from either the Hunting Journal application OR your PC, via your free account.
  • Identify the best times to hunt / peak activity periods using the app's scientific solunar tables.
  • Create custom hunting maps by saving place-markers to exact geo-locations.
  • Record locations of animals sighted, terrain features, tracks, rubs, scrapes, bedding areas, blood-trails, water sources, treestands, blind locations, campsites, roosting areas and more!
  • Quickly look up the moon-phase for any given date (past, present or future).
  • Uses a cleaner, more user-friendly interface than other hunting apps - making it quicker and easier to use in the field, when every moment counts.

Click here to download Hunting Journal Pro!

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