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Trent's First Bow Hunt of 2015 (DOE 10/4/15)

After taking my first doe of 2015 the evening before, today was Trent's turn! While running cameras a few days ago we had pictures of 6-7 does feeding in the soybeans almost every morning in front of one of our ground blinds. The northeast wind was perfect for this blind so at 4:45am we started our long slow walk through the timber edge.

We were settled in as the sun began to peak over the horizon, and we immediately could see 2 does feeding in the half cut soybean field about 100yds from our blind. They slowly made their way towards us as more deer began to pile into the field. Two of the big mature does walked right to us, and Trent was ready as the lead deer stopped broadside at 25yds. The hit was a little far back, but he caught a lung and she only ran 75yds before pilling up in the middle of the bean field.

Our hugs and high fives pretty much cleared the other deer out of the field, and while i was toting my bow and another tag I didn't care one bit.

It doesn't get much better than being in a ground blind with your son and watching him harvest a deer with his bow. We have truly been blessed to have such a great start to our 2015 season.

We have hunted twice and filled two tags without setting foot on our main buck properties. The freezer is beginning to fill and we can now spend our time leading up to the rut scouting instead of pressuring any of our hit list bucks.

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Posted: 10/18/2015

Trophy Room
Although my father never took me hunting, it was the fishing thing that we did all the time. I have only been hunting since 2008 and being in my 40's, I now wish I had kids to teach the art of hunting. Congrats on your harvest and good luck with the season ahead!!!
Posted: 10/16/2015

Trophy Room
Great report, I cant wait until my son is able to bow hunt with me, and experience the thrill of the hunt and satisfaction of contributing to the family.

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