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Early Goose Hunt 2015

One of my favorite hunts of the year is our first trip to the fields during our early goose season here in Ohio. This field has produced many great hunts over the years, so the evening before, as we sat in the truck watching geese pile into this 80 acre wheat field our expectations were high.

We arrived early and had our decoys and blinds set well before sunrise. The birds got off roost about 1/2 hr after first light and as they were headed our way we began to hear gunfire in that direction. Another group of hunters were setup a couple fields over from us. The first 3 groups got shot at by the other hunting party and quickly changed their flight pattern. Luckily, the next group circled around them and came to our field. They locked up and dumped into our spread as I called the shot. Trent shot first dropping the lead bird, and i followed up with one myself. Unfortunately, this would be the only group that made it to our field.

That's the way it goes sometimes! We ended the day with only two geese, but it was nice getting back out in the field spending some time with my son doing what we love.


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