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Love of the Hunt

The topic of "Why do I love hunting so much" was brought up in an article I read and this is my response to it. I thought about this the other day and looked at it from a "non-hunters" point of view. They must look at me and see a man that cant wait to get of work on a summer afternoon just to drive an hour out into the middle of nowhere only to check a camera that has sat in the woods all week. They must think we are all crazy to get up at 4:30 a.m. to go sit in the top of a tree, while the temperature sits well below freezing, not being able to move a muscle or speak a word and do all of this just in hopes that "today might be my lucky day". To think of this logically or from an outsider's point of view I would probably have to agree that we must all look like we lose our minds every October-January, year after year. But you really cant explain the feelings that come over you when you have put in the hard work and you are finally rewarded as that "lucky day" pays its respects to you and you look out from your treestand and see the "big boy" you've been after making his way into shooting range. Often times I catch myself telling another hunter that "my hunt today was unsuccessful" but I am not correct by saying that. Although my ultimate goal is to bag a trophy, watching a hawk swoop down and pick up a field mouse right before my eyes or having a grass bird land on my arrow or hearing the leaves crunch beneath my stand before light and praying that whatever is down there stays long enough to let me catch a glimpse of it is everything that makes it an adventure each and everytime I choose to roll out of bed to prepare for the hunt. The definition of a hunter cannot be put solely into words. We experience things that most other's will never be able to see or appreciate and are often overtaken with emotions and feelings that are only common to us. It's these experience's that tie us together as hunters and allows us to see a world that others will never understand. Sharing these feelings makes only us able to understand why we do it even though we might not be able to put in to exact words the reasons we love hunting ourselves. Basically, I've come to accept the fact that I will never be able to fully understand why I am so obsessed with hunting, I think there's a lot of us out there who would agree. Its something that you cant exactly put your finger on, but we all know it's there and that it is very much alive.

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