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Turkey Season - Opening Day

Great morning to be in the field. The weather has been warm and talking to various hardcore turkey hunters Gobblers are vocal and responsive. One hunter commented that it seems as though the season opened a week early.

However, this morning found multiple Gobblers answering my locator call. There were at least 4 distinct Gobblers on the ridge on Robert Jr’s farm. After a series of soft tree helps and fly down cackles I mature Gobbler appeared in the field I was set up on. He put on a magnificent show as he strutted and gobbled just out of gun range. He was more interested in the young jake and hens that assembled in the area opposite of my set up. Another set of gobblers couldn’t resist my tempting yelps and purrs and answered with thunderous gobbles. One Gobbler gave away his position when I heard him spitting and drumming just 30 yards behind me. Great opening day and I’m hopeful to fill my tag as the season progresses

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Posted: 4/2/2012

Trophy Room
Sounds like a great day to be turkey hunting!!!!!!

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