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1/1/2012 Rifle Hunt - Last Day - 8 Pointer Down

The late season can be one of the most rewarding times of the hunting season. The key that I have found to be extremely productive is finding the most abundant food sources in the area that is closest to a large bedding area.

A guide at the famed Heartland Lodge in Pike County Illinois once told me that a hunter should spend 80% of their time scouting and 20% hunting during the late season. The deer are extremely predictable and are focused on maintain and building body fat for the upcoming winter months.

This 8 pointer was harvested just minutes before last light on the last day of the Rifle season after working a scrape and eating in a winter wheat field. I shot him at over 250 yards and broke him down with a lethal shot through both shoulders.

I’m already preparing for next season by getting out my trail cameras so I can see which deer managed to make it through the season. We’ll be making slight adjustments to stand placements and see if we can find a few sheds.

Then it will be time to start running the ridges after those jelly headed THUNDER chickens..

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