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Feeding Times/Tidal Charts I work the morning shift, you know, 6am -2pm. My Husband won't do a morning hunt because when he gets up, he coughs for a couple hours. Not good when trying to hunt. But since we started looking at the tidal charts for the feeding times, we don't have to be in the woods at the crack of dawn or before. We will be in the woods at 8:30-11:30am and will hunt again from 3pm to dusk. We didn't see anything yesterday, but cousin Chet swears by using t

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Feeding Times
It''s been said, that the deer feed during the high and low tides. I poo-pooed the idea because we are little more than an hour away from the ocean. N...
Stand 1-w/30-30
Out in stand a little earlier than yesterday. Using the 30-30. The gun holds 3 in the magazine, also have one in chamber. SC law states can only shoot...
Hubby missed two different deer on two different occasions. He has been using his dad''s 30-30 bolt action and his shots are usually fatal! So for him...

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Lawrenceburg, TN
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Hi Everyone,

This is all new to me, but keeping this journal is to help me become a better hunter. I post a journal entry every time I hunt, the good times and the dry times. As you can see, I have had many dry times! lol But that is how it goes! Good luck to all of you in your hunting!

CindyKempl, 9/20/2014 5:08pm


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