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Mid March

So the hog hunt on the 5th didn't get to happen. Work happend instead. But thats part of being a grown up right. Bass fishing is getting off to a good start. I managed to coax a 3.2lb out of the water last week. And I already have my 2011 "the one that got away" story under my belt. Hopefully that will be it for the year (doubtful). Got my reloading gear for the savage last week and loaded up some 180 gr nosler partitions. They seem to shoot really well. 1.5 in grouping at 100 yds. So I feel very comfortable flinging that lead at an elk this fall god willing. My plan this spring and summer and early fall is to go out once a week and put three rounds through it at different distances and angles to a life size target I made. Working on vital shots. Not sure how else to pratice. If I just go to a range and shoot paper targets at 100 and 200 yards I will be awsome at shooting head on with no cover or obsticals inbetween. But the chances of a bull standing up broadside on a flat terrain at 100 yds and holding still so I can kill it are about 1/10,000,000. So I would rather practice this way. At least if I do see an elk but don't bag it, it won't be because i didn't take time to practice shooting in the off season. I can sleep easy knowing that.

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Posted: 3/21/2011

Trophy Room
I would say you are going about it the best way possible :-)

Sounds like fun!!!!

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