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May 1 2010 spring turkey Finally

Packed in my camp to the canyon at 6:00 pm after work Friday. Set up camp and took off to do so locater calling got up to the top of the ridge and heard nothing. Worked my way over to another ridge further west and still got no responses. Little disappointing but went down to camp had some dinner and went to sleep. Woke up about 4:00 and decided to head north due to last night with not hearing one bird, made my way to the top of the ridge behind camp got to the top about 5:50 and set up in a sweet pocket of trees. Started to do a little soft purring and lite yelps nothing on the first go round but about 15 minutes later got a lone distant gobble from the top of a ridge across the canyon from me so i took off. On the way over the i would hit the box call every 5 to 10 minutes or so and he would answer not a minute later i thought it was a done deal.

Got to the tree that i picked from the other ridge and set up started to do some yelping and he was on his way heard or saw nothing for a minute so i hit the call nothing again nothing one more time nothing so i got up and move to see over the ledge where he was at he wasn't there so laid down and grabbed my binos to find him that was when i saw what happened a big female cat with two little ones behind here was walking right across the saddle where my bird had to go through to so if figured that was that went back to my set up to get the camera and snap a few pics of here and when i got back she was gone. O well that's hunting.

Started to try and work my way over to this big lake that i had never been to before when on the way i saw for the first time on public ground a major roosting site there was two big trees with scat, feathers, prints, scrapes and struts going away from the trees it was amazing. I sat down and set up a blind about 200 yrd from the site and that was where i was going to sit the rest of the afternoon. Heard a few distant gobbles about 3:00 but nothing after that about 7:00 or so i figured to gather up and head back to camp figuring that it was about 3 miles up the canyon i was in plus i thought i might see a bird on the way back up. Nope didn't here nothing got back to camp and one of the long timers of the area was sitting in camp we talked for a while and i found out that all the birds were about three miles south of my camp because a bunch of mountain lions moved through about a week ago and destroyed the turkey. Frank the old timer found 14 carcasses in a two mile canyon in one day.He said he saw them working there way back now so i thought i would go home and do some house hold crap while they worked back to the public ground.On the way out ran into a big male cat he was staying just out of sight but left a big pile tat was still hot and steaming . All in all a great hunting trip and we are switching to Monday through Thursday this week so now i get 3 full days a week till its over sweet

Happy hunting 2114duck


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Posted: 5/4/2010

Trophy Room
Sorry to hear about the cats tearing up the birds out there, that sucks!

But it still sounds like you had a good time, and got some really cool pics!

Good luck and keep us posted!
Posted: 5/2/2010

Trophy Room
Great pics, glad I don't have to worry about those cats anymore :-)

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