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Getting Started Guide

Getting Started GuideCheck out the Getting Started Guide for a quick introduction to Pro Hunter's Journal.

Be A Better Hunter

Take Your Hunting Success
To The Next Level!

Here's How...

Learn... practical tips and tactics that will help you improve your own hunting skills.

Plan... Smarter, more productive hunts using PHJ's online scouting tools.

Hunt... with more confidence and better success rates. Find buddies to hunt with.

Record... your experiences by creating your own online Journal and Trophy Room

Share... your hunting experiences, pictures and knowledge with your hunting buddies

Connect... with other hunters who share your passion for the outdoors

Still not convinced?
Take Our Tour is the web's premier online resource for the passionate hunter. Only ProHunter's Journal provides the personalized tools, content and online community that can help make you measurably more effective in the field and more connected to the hunting experience. PHJ will help you plan better hunts, choose the right hunting gear, learn helpful new hunting tips and strategies, connect with other hunters, and have more exciting hunting experience.

You will have to sign up for a FREE MEMBERSHIP to to experience all it has to offer, but here's a quick overview of some of what you'll get when you join:

A Personal Hunting Journal - PHJ's personalized online journal makes it fast and easy to keep a record of each experience you have in the field, whether it be hunting or scouting. By making a few simple entries about the location, weather conditions, species seen and harvested, equipment used, people you were with etc. - you'll quickly start to see patterns that will help you plan more successful future hunts. Plus you can keep a log and upload pictures to help you record the memories of each individual hunt.


Articles & Tips from Experienced Hunters - PHJ has hundreds of articles, tips and tricks written by experienced hunters and site members who are passionate about the sport. The articles cover a variety of topics including deer hunting, duck hunting, turkey hunting, bow hunting, big game hunting, upland game hunting and much more. Willing to share your knowledge? PHJ encourages hunters like you to write your own articles and tips.

A Members Only Community - Joining PHJ is fast and FREE. But because it is personalized to you, you'll have to register as a member to enjoy all the site's benefits and interact with the other member hunters.

Conservation Minded - PHJ wants to help make sure the hunting tradition can be enjoyed for generations to come. That's why we cheerfully give a portion all advertising profits to leading wildlife groups including: Ducks Unlimited, BuckMasters, The National Wild Turkey Foundation, Pheasants Forever, SCI, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and others. Simply by using PHJ for free, you'll be helping our wildlife as well.

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